Hatha Yoga classes with Laela Wilding

Hatha Yoga with Laela Wilding


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Yoga Classes

All classes focus on traditional postures and breathing techniques to cultivate clarity of mind and trust in the body. Gently build strength and improve your flexibility through a slower pace and deep holds. Only the most gentle back bends and inversions are introduced, so all levels of practitioner will feel at home, including beginners. You will leave class feeling more physically and mentally relaxed, balanced and grounded.

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Private Classes

The private setting allows for a completely individualized experience, and is beneficial for all students. Based on your goals, we will develop a practice specifically to meet your needs.

Together we can:

  • learn the basics of yoga
  • develop personalized sequences, attuned to your needs
  • build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and deepen self-awareness
  • focus on alignment
  • expand your home practice
  • practice pranayama and meditation

Yoga can lead to greater self-confidence, a deepening trust in one’s own instincts and wisdom. The practice helps one maintain a sense of strength and serenity, a counterbalance to the stress and worry that can be so all-consuming. Laela will help you deepen your connection to body, mind and spirit.



The first step is to get in touch to set up an appointment. Secondly we will begin the evaluation process – a discussion about your health history, interests and goals. From there we will begin to develop a personal practice just for YOU. Pricing is $60 per hour, sessions can vary in length and frequency.

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About Laela

Laela Wilding is a curious and patient practitioner and teacher of yoga. Her classes follow the slower pace of a traditional Hatha yoga class, with a focus on alignment to easily access the benefits of each pose, bringing more strength and balance to each student. Laela creates an environment that encourages each student to deepen their own practice, free from self-criticism, accessing love and compassion. Her teaching style is enthusiastic, warm, and accessible to students of all levels. Laela completed her 200 hour teacher-training at Portland’s Yoga Bhoga, and is very grateful to her teachers there as well as the loving guidance she has received from master yoga teacher Holiday Johnson. 



Beginner Yoga Series

Learn the fundamentals of yoga in an inviting atmosphere. 

This 8-week foundational yoga class is designed to support you from the ground up in your new or renewed practice. 

In this class you will...
    ◦    learn safe & supportive alignment of foundational yoga postures
    ◦    build strength, flexibility and balance
    ◦    learn simple breathing and sitting techniques
    ◦    have opportunity for quiet contemplation and reflection
    ◦    find an accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere
    ◦    receive materials to build your home practice
    ◦    discover how yoga can best serve you!

There is no beginner series on the current calendar. Please contact All Heart if you are interested and we'll keep you posted for the next upcoming series!

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