Private Classes

Private yoga sessions are beneficial for many students. The private setting can allow for a completely individualized experience. Based on your goals, we will develop a practice specifically to meet your needs.

Together we can:

  • learn the basics of yoga
  • develop a personalized sequence
  • explore: strength, flexibility, stress reduction, deeper self-awareness
  • focus on alignment
  • expand your home practice
  • practice pranayama and meditation

Yoga can lead to greater self-confidence, a deepening trust in one’s own instincts and wisdom. The practice helps one maintain a sense of strength and serenity, a counterbalance to the stress and worry that can be so all-consuming. Laela will help you deepen your connection to body, mind and spirit.

The first step is to get in touch with Laela at All Heart Yoga to set up an appointment. Secondly we will begin the evaluation process – a discussion about your health history, interests and goals. From there we will begin to develop a personal practice just for YOU. Pricing is $60 per hour, sessions can vary in length and frequency.