Gentle Yoga + Nidra Workshop

with Laela Wilding and Amber Knight

Sunday, Sept. 22 I 4:30-6:30 I Studio PDX

September 22 approaches the Autumnal Equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere this day is centered between Summer and Winter, when night and day are equally harmonized. Celebrate the transition from light to dark with a yoga practice that bring will bring equilibrium to body and spirit, using movement, breathwork and deep yoga nidra mediation.

You can expect a gentle movement practice, followed by restorative yin yoga poses as we down-regulate. The physical practices will prepare the body and mind to rest in the experience Yoga Nidra. With the guided meditations of Yoga Nidra, one can enter a state of consciousness balancing between waking and sleeping, a state in which the body and mind are completely relaxed, remaining in a state of light withdrawal of the five senses... a deeply healing practice.

Questions about this special event? Feel free to drop me a line :)